About us

Breaking boundaries to rethink drug design and unlock the future of medicine

Nykode Therapeutics is a leading clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. With our intelligent modular platform and tailored hyper-targeting, we’re unlocking unlimited possibilities for the future of medicine.

Company profile

Inspired by our Values

Our core Values form a deep and robust foundation for our positions, principles, and policies. They inspire us every day and guide everything we do.

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A robust strategy

In pursuit of our vision to lead the field, we will expedite existing assets through the clinic, explore the potential of our platform to expand our pipeline, and build strategic partnerships to complement our strengths.

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Our board of directors

A fast-moving company steered and supported by unrivalled collective experience

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Our management team

The combined skills and experience to maximize the value of our platform and deliver our vision

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Nykode Therapeutics was founded in 2006 in Oslo, Norway. Our pioneering company is based on the technology conceived and developed at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital in the laboratory of Professor Bjarne Bogen with contributions from Professor Inger Sandlie.

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