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Vaccibody becomes Nykode Therapeutics

Vaccibody becomes Nykode - a new name and identity to signify a new phase of growth and development.

This exciting redevelopment of our brand identity marks a milestone in our journey of growth and transformation. It acts as a visible symbol of a new phase of collaboration and internationalization. And
conveys how we are truly starting to realise our vision of being the leading technology platform unlocking the future of medicine.

Reflecting strong progress and even stronger potential

Over the last few years, the company has made significant steps forward. We’ve reported promising clinical data, continued to grow our pipeline, forged major partnerships, made crucial additions to our senior management team, invested strategically, and expanded internationally. This positive evolution inspired the need to revisit our brand.

The challenge was to consolidate everything we do and have achieved in a powerful core idea. Our priority was to communicate our guiding purpose: to push the boundaries of human advancement by rethinking conventional drug design. We also wanted to express how our platform’s intelligent modular design and tailored hyper targeting deliver gamechanging outcomes for our stakeholders – the promise of greater efficacy and beneficial patient outcomes, the ability to create customised medicines and expand beyond vaccines to multiple therapeutic areas. All this we distilled to its essence: progress and possibility.

Capturing a culture defined by a challenger mindset

As an organization, we’re shaped by powerful character traits: a sincere belief in what we do, and an unconventional spirit that drives us to see the world differently. It was important that these, less tangible facets of our brand, shined through too.

Encapsulating everything that we are in a new name and CVI

Our new name is inspired by our Norwegian roots and links to our platform’s modularity. Nykode translates as ‘new code’, playing on the potential of our technology to rewrite modern medicine. The new logo is a stylised visualisation of our molecule. The orange tip depicts the active targeting unit, whilst the body cues the infinity symbol, representing unlimited potential outcomes.

Developed from the marque, the graphic identity expands into a system of triangular components arranged in fluid patterns, demonstrating the platform’s modularity and flexibility.

Our new colour palette is striking in hue and rich in meaning. It expresses our bold personality, but also evokes a sense of warmth and humanity, recognising our passion and patient-centric purpose.

To find out more about our journey and the direction we’re heading in, please visit our new website:

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